Nightbot Death Counter

Hey all. So I have been attempting to follow all instructions but I can’t get the death counter to work.

Here is what I have.

when i input !deaths it displays my text just fine.“Sleepius has died 0 times this stream”

I created another command called !deathsadd. This command’s message is !commands edit !deaths Sleepius has died $(count) times this stream. However, instead of updating my !deaths command, it just displays “!commands edit !deaths Sleepius has died 1 times this stream.” The number 1 will keep counting everytime i input !deathsadd. so I know the count feature is working fine. The issue I am having is updating the !death command. Where am I going wrong?

You have to use the alias feature for a command to call another command. More info here:

So you should configure your command like this:
Message: edit !deaths Sleepius has died $(count) times this stream
Alias: !commands


Awesome!!! thank you!!!

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