Nightbot Custom Command Question

Hello community. I asked streamers on Twitch first, and could not find anyone who knew anything. I tried Google, and searching these forums after that. I did not find what I was looking for.

In one Twitch Stream I saw a Nightbot with the command to do a 1 second time out (purge), and then it had a saying soon after. It was something like this “name* behave! this is your x purge!”

I was wondering how to do that. Does anyone know? Thank you if you respond

You can customize the messages Nightbot produces. You can find all your info here

I saw that. It sounds like maybe I am not understanding it then, or perhaps I didn’t explain well. Which commands would I type, or what would I type to make it purge a selected individual in the stream (with the custom message after it)?

!repeatstime msg on/off/message

Ok so I need to go create a Custom Command, and in the “Command Response” line type / time out name 1 and then ! repeatstime msg on “name* behave! this is your x purge” ?

You can customize the spam protection settings at

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