Nightbot continually appearing offline in discord/not responding

Just continually appearing offline and not responding. I’ve searched, but have not found a fix, just mostly “working now” responses. Is this normal function for nightbot?

how often is it occurring? It shouldn’t be occurring any more or less often than other users. It did go down on discord for a little while earlier, believe for a small period of time. That has been the only time this week that it has occurred, iirc.

This is because its not something the user breaks so its not something the user can “fix”. It should be made a lot better in the future when nightbot gets some changes to how it does discord integration, currently there are times where the server maxes out causing issues.

No, why do you think it would be?

Just didn’t know if it went down every now and again. It’s up and running so maybe the downtime earlier was the result. I appreciate it thanks.

Is there a ping or wake up command we can pm nightbot to get back online?

No, because when nightbot goes offline/stops responding (temporarily) its due to the server being overloaded or an issue with cloudflare, i believe. Systems have already been put in place to get nightbot back online after going down completely.

There isn’t anything that can be done on the user’s end. It will be fixed in the future when discord integration in nightbot gets some changes, but for right now this is what happens.

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