Nightbot Constantly Disappearing on Discord

I have seen a couple threads about this but I haven’t seen a conclusive answer. I have a server with 10k members about 3-4k active at any one time and we use Nightbot for filtering links and spam. Over the past two or three weeks Nightbot has been MIA more often than not and it is starting to cause a lot of issues. I’ve gone through and disconnected and reconnected the bot, made sure all the settings and permissions were correct just to be sure. Is this something that is ever going to get fixed?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “constantly disappearing?” I’ve personally not seen any issues in the servers I frequent, though it looks like Cloudflare/Discord did a rolling restart around Thu May 23 2019 00:00 GMT+0000 which caused connections to be severed briefly.

For almost a week now the bot has appeared offline on my server. I check the members tab and the bot role and Nightbot is registered to the server but not online. I disconnected the bot from the server and re-added it with the correct roles and it still does not appear online. I do not have it connected to any twitch or youtube channels, just discord. The Nightbot role appears in my role list properly and says it is managed by the integration, so that seems to be fine.

Currently I think it has been offline for about 6 days now, prior to this it was online for about a day or two but appeared offline for about 3 days before that. If you need any screenshots or anything else I can provide them, but this has been happening since the 8th on my server (it recovered then went offline again on the 16th and hasn’t been back since then)

Seems to be working now. I completely removed Nightbot, all it’s associated roles, completely disconnected it, kicked it from the server, and went through the setup process again and re-added it and gave it it’s original roles again. Not sure what caused it to not be recognized or shown as online. But for now it seems to be ok.

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