Nightbot Connects To Channel, But Doesn't Show In Chat

On both my YouTube and Twitch channels, Nightbot claims to have connected to my channel, but when streaming it never shows it’s timed messages. I have made sure it is an admin to both chats.

Sometimes it will show if I disconnect it, then reconnect it. But, last night even this stopped working on my Twitch channel. Anyone else seen this issue?

last night there was an issue with timers, it seemed to have resolved itself this morning. On youtube if nightbot isn’t a moderator timers will usually get eaten by youtube, due to some things it has put in place.

Make sure you’re logged in with your YouTube Account and not with your Google account. I made that mistake once. Also Nightbot only shows up in public streams so if your testing it in an unlisted stream Nightbot will never show up.

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