Nightbot completely stopped working but claims to be "joined" to my channel

I’ve been using Nightbot for a month or two on YouTube without issue. Today I streamed for a few hours and noticed that I hadn’t seen it say anything in a while. Afterwards I went to check something in the chat logs, and Nightbot didn’t have any logs from today’s stream. (Only logs through the last stream that I did, which was two days ago.)

I’ve read a number of other threads on this issue, but none of them seem to apply to me:

  • Nightbot is a mod on my channel. Screenshot:
  • Nightbot is “joined” to my channel. Screenshot:
  • I was livestreaming at the time.
  • My chat was very active all day. I probably averaged one message every 20 seconds.

How should I go about troubleshooting this?


Usually, parting nightbot from the channel then re-inviting it fixes the issue. Have you tried having nightbot leave and then come back? This can be done through the main page of the dashboard.

Simply click on the red “Part Channel” button in the top right (as shown below), then click the “Join Channel” button that appears in it’s place.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve now done that, but I guess I can’t see if it’s working until I go live next, so I’ll find out and post a reply later. Thank you!

This worked perfectly. Thank you!

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