Nightbot commands

Hi, I’m curious if Nightbot has the commands to say the current stream time or if it has a command when someone follows the channel? Thanks in advance.

If you mean how long a stream has been going for, then just copy and paste this into chat:

!addcom !uptime $(channel) has been live for $(twitch $(channel) “{{uptimeLength}}”).

Yes sir. Thanks for the help.

Are there a list of these commands somewhere to see what I can all add? Is it possible to delete these commands too?

Click here to see the list of default commands and their functions. They can only be edited and toggled on and off, not deleted. Click here to access the default commands on your Nightbot dashboard. There, you can edit them and/or toggle them on and off.

You can also make your own custom commands. You can use variables to make them more complex and serve more specific functions, and you can add/edit/delete them as you like. Click here to see what the variables are and what you can do with them. Click here to access your dashboard’s list of custom commands, where you can enter your own commands.

Alternatively, you can add/edit/delete custom commands from your channel chat.

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