Nightbot Commands and Pastebin

Hey there, I had “hired” someone to do a multiple but random response command for my Twitch channel from Fiverr and obviously what I got back was not right nor did it work. I don’t know anything about code or how they work and I would like to know if anyone could help me figure something out? The person i hired pretty much fell off the face of the planet so couldnt even ask for my m ok ney back. And it looks like he might’ve just copy and pasted code from someone here because when I was looking up help it lead me to this website. ANYWAY, what I was looking for was a command code i can use specifically in Nightbot that will draw from a random list of phrases I have posted on a PasteBin(these are not correct at all so the code in there needs to be fixed as well). Whatever generates can really can just be random. BUT i would also like the command to be able to use user and touser. So i would like the commands to “tag” ppl when it’s used. And for the life of me, someone had asked for the pastebin “raw” link but i don’t know where to find that or where to get it from. I just have the link to the pastebin where my list of responses are posted. Please help.

Hey @Blue55!

Have a look here:

Your raw Pastebin link is just your Pastebin link with raw added to it:

  • regular Pastebin link:
  • raw Pastebin link:

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