Nightbot command

I am looking for the command any and every user in my chat can use to display their own twitch link. Basically a shoutout command but for themselves… but I only want them to have to type the command itself not there username.

!addcom !shoutout Check me out at$(user)
This should do it. Change the name if you want or add anything before or after.

Ok so that worked but how do I include the users username in the message so it says follow (their username) and than their link

Would just have to add the variable twice, so:
!addcom !shoutout Follow $(user) over at:$(user)

Ok so that works but the users link don’t work only the part works but not the users name or link at end of the link … so when you click it … it takes you to not users channel

You put a space between and $(user), can’t be a space there. Remove it and it’ll be all good:)

Thank you so much sir you have been a big help !!! Much appericated

How would I add the game they were last playing at the end of the command ?

Sounds like you should just be using the $(twitch) variable. It contains info based on the channel passed to it. Here is a command that does whatever you want so far.

!commands add !shoutout $(twitch $(user) "Follow {{displayName}} over at {{url}}. They were last playing {{game}}")

@MrBSGaming hey what would I use at the end to show what the person game they last played was ?

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