Nightbot Command Steam variables are always [Not Playing a Game]

Hello. I’m trying to configure a Nightbot custom command to report the game I’m playing on Steam and the Store Url to buy it, but the variables always return “[Not Playing a Game]”; variables for my profile return correct name and status.

The command is:
$(steam andrewkv “Name: {{name}} | Status: {{status}} | Game Id: {{gameId}} | Game Name: {{gameName}} | Game Url: {{gameUrl}}”)

And the output is:
Name: King Vasuki | Status: Online | Game Id: [not playing a game] | Game Name: [not playing a game] | Game Url: [not playing a game]

Despite the fact that I am playing a game:

Am I missing something? I’m using Firefox and Nightbot for Twitch.

Found it: “Game details” was set as “Friends Only”.

To those who have the same problem: Go to your profile, click on “Edit Profile”, go to “My Privacy Settings” and set “Game Details” to “Public”

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