Nightbot changing game category by itself

Hi everybody, since yesterday nightbot is changing the game category on my twitch stream automatically, without entering the game command. Is anyone having the same issue?

For example, yesterday I wanted to set the stream to MWII and the bot kept changing randomly the category to Warzone. And today is doing the opposite, I’m trying to set the category to Warzone, and it kept changing it by itself to MWII. Very weird.


Today I found out that if a disable the default !game command, this weird behavior stops, but obviously I can’t use the command anymore, neither the viewers or mods.

Hey @German_MDS!

Check your timers and see if there’s one calling the !game command (look at the Alias field).

If that’s not the issue, check the applications you connected to your account, one of them could be hijacking your Nightbot.

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Thanks Emily, yesterday I found by accident that there was indeed a timer! I must screwed it up when I was creating the command. :frowning:


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