Nightbot can't use its own commands

I made timers to write the nightbot commands but they don’t trigger. If someone else (not nightbot) writes the they work just if nightbot writes them there is just the command but no reaction to it.

Could you explain your situation with a bit more detail (actual commands, screenshots, etc)? Im not sure i completely understand.

Nightbot cannot trigger its own commands, it can USE its own commands via aliases, but it will not trigger a command if nightbot is the user to say the trigger.

We made Nightbot say “!youtube” for a link to our youtube. That worked until today

Yes, timers activating commands should not be done in this manner. The correct way to do this would be to make a timer of any sort, then put whatever in the message field, and in the alias field you put !youtube when the timer runs it will use the !youtube command