Nightbot Can't Send some Custom Commands

So, i put a link on my custom commands, and for some reason, when someone uses the command, it won’t respond with the link…

It sends other commands without the link on, easily, but with this specific command with a link on, it just won’t send!


Can you post here what you have as the command?

Do you have link filtering enabled on the streaming platform? Have you tried disabling it? Is Nightbot a moderator in chat?

Yes of course the Nightbot is a moderator on the channel… And yes, link filtering is there but turned off, as I said, it sends other links lke youtube, instagram, but with this one, it won’t work… is it related to harmful link and suspicious links or something?

The link is likely being blocked at the platform level, so you likely have some kind of link filtering or bad word filtering that removes it.

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