Nightbot Blacklisted Words Unrecognized (YT)


So I have my words blacklisted, many of them with the * afterwards…

I had one person in my chat say, “In my language this means (blacklisted word)”

Then right after they spoke, another chatter responded with, “I LOVE (blacklisted word)”

Let’s say the blacklisted word was drink, they both spelled it the same way.

I would have drink, in the blacklisted section of Nightbot as drink*, Correct? Please help me understand why it didn’t catch both chatters. They used the exact word I blacklisted.

Then I separate them like this:


right? or do I just space them apart from one another?

Give this a go instead:

Okay, I’m guessing you’re suggesting that unless the blacklisted word was the first they spoke, Nightbot may have failed to recognize it.

We’ll see if it helps, thanks for the swift response.

You would be correct in that assumption good sir :^)

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