Nightbot Blacklist filter Help

Can my moderators add words in blacklist filters while i am streaming live on youtube. If yes can please someone give me the syntax for it

Hey @Brainy_Bot!

Yes, they can, however you’ll have to enable the !filters command first.

Then here is the documentation to get the syntax.

@Emily Thanks for your reply. Filters are enabled. My basic question was can mods add more words in blacklist filter youtube when the streamer is live. And if yes what would be the syntax for mods to add words in blacklist in live youtube chat . e.g !editcom [cmd] [response]

Alright, so mods can’t add directly blacklist words from the chat as far as I know, as stated in the documentation (link that I gave you), you can only add new words from the dashboard.
However, you can make your mods your Nightbot managers, and then they would be able to access your dashboard.

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