Nightbot beta removes Playlist involuntarily

I was streaming and had my playlist playing when it suddenly said my que was empty which I know was not since it worked fine yesterday. I proceeded to refresh my page and my entire playlist was empty. Nightbot had deleted or lost my entire 300+ youtube playlist. Pretty upset that I have to set every single song into the playlist again. I’m also afraid of it happening again so I’m hoping that the developers see this in hopes of catching this bug or glitch before it gets out of hand.

No playlist was removed, so I’m not sure what you mean. If anything, the page wasn’t able to load properly for a short period of time.

This happened to me yesterday, as well, where my entire 300+ playlist looked as if it was deleted and Nightbot was pulling up an empty queue, but it seemed like it was more just Nightbot being down and not loading the page right. Everything was back to normal after a few hours and the playlist is still there, but I had to use a different music player during that time.

I’m m having the same problem if it happens just try and reload your tab until the playlist is back