Nightbot beta playlist importing

I was happy to see that there will be a way to import playlists into nightbot in the next version, but what about the personal playlist on nightbot already? will that be transferred over to the beta at some point?

In that same line of though, has there been any consideration of an export option? on several occasions I have wished I could dump my nightbot playlist to a file or something (list of youtube/soundcloud links?) I see that other users have shown a lot of interest in the youtube to nightbot conversion, but I actually use the nightbot songlist to keep most of my streaming music together instead of youtube.

Edit: I did try importing though I didn’t honestly expect it to work :unamused:

If you have already signed up for the beta, we have migrated usersongs from the old Nightbot. If you have not, importing data will now import usersongs in addition to channel settings, commands, and timers.

Cool, the playlist did get transferred over, only one problem. On the old version of nightbot I had 75 songs, on the beta version it only has 56. At first I thought it had just missed soundcloud links, but there are soundcloud songs on the beta list and some youtube links are missing. There isn’t really a clear way to compare the lists to see what is missing either :confused:

Any songs that did not get imported were probably either removed or invalid. You can go through both lists and try readding any that are missing to see what the error was.

You’re partly correct. I went down the entire list from the top to cross-reference and there were 3-4 invalid videos but then I got to page 6 and, starting from “HYUNA(현아) - ‘빨개요 (RED)’ (Official Music Video)”, every song is missing. I’m guessing the lists were transferred from an archived version? At least its all of the ones at the bottom of the list so it will be fairly easy, if mildly time consuming, to re-add all of them.

Edit: Only the last 4-6 songs were added to the list fairly recently. The rest have been on there for months.

Unfortunately I have no way of knowing why the last songs were not transferred for your list, but it’s possible YouTube returned an error for the last few songs when retrieving info about them. Because it was a mass import, there may have been some YouTube errors due to the amount of requests we were pushing through to them.

Much of the old Nightbot database is poorly designed, so when importing data we must retrieve info from YouTube or SoundCloud to fill in the missing information. Unfortunately the import system isn’t really something we can improve upon, and once the old Nightbot is retired things should be a lot smoother as far as upgrades are concerned (we have no intention of swapping database schemas again).

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Sounds good. I appreciate you taking the time to explain :smile:

I just wanted to come in here and comment as well on the v3 music import. My library on Nightbot v3 is currently 977 songs. I’ve spent many hours curating this music and trying to find all these songs. Unfortunately when I switched to v4 only 77 of the 977 songs I had made the transition. I’m not sure what’s going on but this will be a huge issue for me and will be many hours of having to try to remake my playlist I worked so hard for. Something must be wrong with the import because all of my music was valid Youtube or Soundcloud sound links that worked just fine with the old Autodj. I really hope this can be looked at before we’re forced to switch over to the new version.

We’ve tracked down the problem and are reimporting all playlists from v3 and fixed importing for new imports as well. Thanks.

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