Nightbot Banned

New user here and was setting up Nightbot for my Twitch account. I have link protection enabled, but some of the commands I was giving Nightbot (it was modded) contained links as responses. Those came up in chat as deleted and eventually Nightbot was banned from my testing them all out. I unbanned Nightbot, added those particular links to the white list, re-modded Nightbot and started testing again. And again the responses with links are getting deleted in the chat. What can I do to fix this so that Nightbot does not get banned again?

EDIT: In addition, I just disabled links from spam protection so that links in my chat should be allowed and Nightbot responses with the links are still being deleted and Nightbot is still getting banned. No clue what the hell is going on here.

  1. If nightbot is a mod in your channel it cannot be banned or timed out by anyone but you. Make sure you modded it correctly.

  2. Go to and uncheck “delete links in chat”

I haven’t banned nightbot. I added nightbot and then modded nightbot. I was then going straight down the left side nav setting it up for my channel. When I went to test the commands the responses with links got deleted and my chat told me nightbot was banned. I unbanned, re-modded, added the links to the white list…still didn’t work. Removed from spam protection…still didn’t work. And yes, regarding the settings for my channel, I never ever had the delete links in chat checked. It has always been unchecked.

You have a bot running on your broadcaster account…

So, in other words, Ultimate Twitch Bot is banning NIghtbot? I’ve seen others use more than one bot. I cannot?

As I said above:

If nightbot is a mod in your channel it cannot be banned or timed out by anyone but you.

Running a bot on your broadcaster account means it will time out mods. You can run as many bots as you want, but don’t use your main account.

Sweet. UTB won’t even open for me to get rid of it or delete it or whatever I have to do to address this issue. My chat is all kinds of messed up now and I don’t know what I’m doing to fix this.

Fixed it. UTB was banning NB, not me. I didn’t even get to do anything regarding UTB, just signed up for it and it took matters into its own hands, I guess. Got it off my PC.

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