NightBot ban links even if they are allowed

So I am a moderator in Mr_mammal’s chat and we have this issue for quite a while now, Nightbot is timing people out when they link youtube links even if is allowed to be linked. I would love to understand why and how to fix it please !

This is a bug in Nightbot’s link filter, this post has a solution until fixed.

I tried to white list and not white list twitch tv + the http twitch tv on my discord server to disable all other links, @everyone is able to link, when I want it disabled, could you give me the exact ! command to DISABLE ALL LINKS unless white listed, as I now got twitch tv white listed but my friend is able to link youtube com when I want ALL LINKS disabled from @everyone, is this a bug too on NightBot?
The bot doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

This issue is fixed as of a week ago.