Nightbot badge beside name on twitch

On twitch sometimes you will see people with custom badges beside their name which the streamer gave them. Is it possible to do this with nightbot? If yes how?

Hiya, not sure which badges you are referring to, but it is not possible to assign badges with Nightbot.

As you can see by this image there is an icon beside the name

Ah yes, so these badges, the first one is moderator badge, second one a subscriber badge for when you subscribe to the channel and the third is a verified badge provided by Twitch (for Twitch partners and some large Twitch bots).

So how do you get the custom badge beside the name?

There is no custom badge, I explained you what they are and what is required to get them.

Subscribe to them? To get it you need to subscribe?

For the second one the strawberry? yes, this one is for paid subscribers.

Okay, (I am new to twitch by the way) this might sound stupid but how do you subscribe?

On the channel page, underneath the video player, right-side there should be a subscribe button.

when I try to subscribe this is all that comes up

This particular streamer musn’t be an affiliate or partner then. Would that be right @xgerhard?

Ehhh, I’ve not seen that message before? On the channel page you want to subscribe to, hit the purple button underneath the stream window:

or go visit the subscribe link directly:

Hmm… it’s still not letting me sub. Are you sure you’re able to sub?

Then you’ll have to contact Twitch, this is not really a problem we can solve.

What’s twitches help email?

To contact Twitch support you can visit

hi, I’ve noticed this again on a different stream. So to get the badge you have to sub to nightbot, then what? Do you need a certain amount of followers or can you do it as soon as you subbed?

Hey @WanterWither_YT!

As we explained before, for Nightbot to get the “strawberry” or the “beans” icons, you need to gift Nightbot a subscription, for that here are the steps:

If you don’t see the option to gift a subscription, you need to subscribe first.
If there’s no options to subscribe then either the channel is not eligible yet or the streamer turned it off.

Screenshot_20200620-150404_Chrome the sub button is greyed out for me