Nightbot AutoDJ WinAPP Audio-lag and a sizzling noise (like fire)[SOLVED]

Hello Community,

my problem is the following:

I used Nightbot and AutoDJ in my Stream for the Music.

Since currentsong.exe isn’t working anymore i downloaded the nightbot windows app. When i try to use the AutoDJ in the WinAPP the music sounds laggy or a kind of slowed down. Also you can hear a sizzling noise (don’t know if its the correct word, i mean the noise a fire for example makes) in every YoutubeSong.

If i use the AutoDJ in my Browser (Firefox) it works like a charm just like before, but now i can’t show the current song to my stream, cause the *.exe isnt working anymore and the textfile from the windowsapp wont update because i don’t use the AutoDJ from the APP.

Any suggestions or a need of further information about my System ?

Thanks for your time,

It sounds like your computer does not have adequate resources to stream. You may need to upgrade your computer to something more powerful.

ASRockZ97 Killer Mainboard
Intel Core I7-4790K CPU @ 4GHZ
Nvidia Gfore 970 OC
Yamaha AG03 Mixer
Windows10 on SSD

I guess it’s adequate. Also AutoDJ works without any bug/lag in the Webbrowser.

Any more solutions?

Unfortunately I have no idea why you’re having issues then. There may be some hardware incompatibility with the version of Chrome our app uses. However, we are not able to upgrade to a newer build of Chrome until some issues are resolved upstream.

It’s me again, a little update.

I tried so much things to fix this problem. Now i got a workaround which i dont like very much but it works. It might help you as a developer why this bug was there and might want to fix such a problem.

I use something like an external Soundcard, the Yamaha AG03, which can be used to produce music. My Samplingrate was at 192KHz. The slizzing and slowed music was gone when i pushed it down to 44.1KHz.

Could there be problem with such a high Sample rate? I know older software that cant handle that rate too, just asking.

Hope i could help. Greetings.

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