Nightbot/AutoDJ jus stops playing on its own


I’ve had this issue for a long time.

I’m running a 24/7 livestream with the Nightbot application. Using AutoDJ.

However, when I load in all my playlists, after a while it just stops.

Is this because it has reached the end of the playlist? Or is there something else happening? It’s really annoying since it always happens when I’m not home or asleep.



Make sure you’re running the player in its own window and that it is not minimized. Chrome will prevent audio/video playback when the window is not in the foreground.

I will try that, thank you!

It still does it.

I’m using the desktop App.

When it stops and I press play it says ‘no music found’. I have to press on playlist and back to autodj and then it works.

I’m losing viewers and subs at this point.



EDIT: Unless I can find a way to link my current song from OBS to the chrome player (if I play in the chrome player, song title won’t show) then I have to use the application… I just don’t understand why it stops, there’s a massive amount of music in!)

Please refrain from opening multiple topics on similar issues.

If a song encounters an error playing it gets skipped. This can be because it’s not available to play in your country, that it couldn’t be embedded, or there’s some YouTube service error.

Are you using Spotify? If so, try not using Spotify as its’ integration can be buggy beyond our control. Otherwise, you might try reproducing this in a browser. If this was a widespread issue more people would be reporting issues.

Apologies for the multip topics, I’m just very desperate.

I’m using Youtube as playlist. Limited to my own channel.

I had the same issue on my PC, now running on my laptop.

It’s like it somehow hits a brick wall and decides to stop, like all the music is suddenly gone.

The problem with the chrome player is that there’s no current song function…

I would really like that to be there atleast.



This is still not fixed, I really need some help! :frowning:

Unfortunately since I’m not able to reproduce this there’s not a fix for you. You might have to rely on the website within Chrome.

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