Nightbot Auto DJ no longer works

been a while since I used auto DJ but now every time I use it it plays a few songs before well doing this

No idea what is causing this but refreshing is not working and log out and back in only fixes it for a bit before this happens again

All of a sudden today, I’m having the exact same problem. Tried to delete the playlist and import it again to see if it would solve it, but the same problem happens then too. I can press it once, wait, I can press it several times over in a row, and it doesn’t do anything after it fails the initial try.

Are you still experiencing this? Seems to have resolved itself.

yes I am it randomly stopped working again today

I’m still getting the same problem.

It’s not that it stopped on its own 'til now, it’s just that after it kept happening for a day or two more, I stopped using it 'til now and didn’t check this thread again until now.

I have been having the same problem for about 2 weeks now. When it happens it sometimes says I have NO tracks in my Backup queue at all then maybe 10 mins later they are there again.

Any chance this can be looked at please ? I will be streaming tonight. Would it help if I messaged you while it’s happening so you can have a look at your end maybe ? I will show what is happening on stream anyway so I can highlight it and let you watch the vid(s).

Please see this clip to see what is actually happening

Same thing for me. Msg me when there is a fix or update. Otherwise nightbot is really helpfull! <3

This is related to Nightbot AutoDJ and playlist just vanished … Please follow that thread for updates.