NightBot app won't play Spotify playlist

Hello! I’m aware that there have been a few threads like this already, however they have all either been closed out (I can’t say I’m also having the issue) or they have been solved by steps that I have taken to no avail.

I have a Spotify Premium account and I wish to use my personal playlist form Spotify as the default in the NightBot desktop app, while allowing viewers to request songs from Spotify or YouTube.

I have first restarted my computer, then I have opened Spotify, waited 5 minutes (timed) then I opened the NightBot desktop app. I have navigated to Song Requests, opened the seetings, changed the Playlist option to Channel, then hit submit.
I have then navigated to Playlist and imported my Spotify playlist. When I move back to AutoDJ, I clear the queue of all previously loaded Monstercat songs.

Once the queue is filled with my own music, it does not autoplay like it did with the Monstercat music.
I press play, the button changes to a pause button, but nothing happens. No music starts, the timer bar shows 00:00 on both ends.

Allow Spotify to be opened from the web is acitivated in Spotify, and I have disabled ALL firewalls for this test.

While conducting this test I had some of my viewers request songs from YouTube to see if they would work, and they worked perfectly. The player would be stuck on a Spotify song from my playlist, I’d hit next and bam, YouTube song starts playing.
The moment one of them used a Spotify link as their request, it got stuck on the song exactly as the playlist music did.

Could I please get some guidance on this issue? I do not want to have to create a YouTube playlist with all of my Spotigy songs, that sounds like a very painful process.

Thank you!

Unfortunately the undocumented API for Spotify is finicky at best. If it doesn’t work for you there isn’t anything we can do to fix the issue since Spotify doesn’t support usage of it. Either the Spotify local API is running or it isn’t. You can try reinstalling Spotify and/or uninstalling any security software you have installed, both of which tend to resolve the issue.

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