Nightbot App Spotify requests - How does it work?


i want to provide music in my stream through spotify (premium) rather than youtube, but i cant get the song request working. But maybe i just misunderstood how the autodj requests work

What i did so far:

  • Installed nightbot app (beta)
  • Started spotify first
  • Started nightbot app
  • Created a “Channel” playlist in Spotify and made it “public”
  • Changed the Userlevel to “everyone”, provider to “spotify”, playlist to “Channel” and search provider to “Spotify” and also no limit to playlist

I want my viewers to be able to search for a custom artist and any song they want. Does this song already has to be on the playlist? It would be great if they could “search” for any song with the command

!songs request x - x

and then this song shows up in the playlist.

Thanks for any information!

Kind regards

In order to use ‘Limit to Playlist’ songs must be added in this playlist, not Spotify.

Users can then use !songs request xxx and Nightbot should select the closest song from your locked playlist.

Do i have to limit song requests with spotify to playlists or is it possible to let the users request anything through spotify?

Ok, i got it.

For everyone who wants information on that: You have to go into your personal control panel and then you head to “Commands” -> “Default”. There you have to manually ENABLE !songs. Generally this is deactivated.

You nightbot guys really have to add this in the nightbot app beta page regarding song requests!!

Kind regards

All default commands are enabled by default including the !songs command. Everything about requesting a song is already on our Docs Site

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