Nightbot app + Spotify Playlist

How can I import my playlist and get it to show up? Every time I link it nothing.
I link the pre-made playlist by twitch and it will important.
Soon as I try to link mines nothing shows up.
Do I need to have some type of settings on?
I can play a SONG but not important my playlist why?

You can import your playlist on the Playlist Page. If you don’t get the option to import you’ll need to change your playlist to “Channel” which can be done from AutoDJ Settings.

I’ve been doing that and nothing happen. It says it will take a while to import and I wait then nothing. The play doesn’t even have 10 songs. I take a URL from a twitch pre-made playlist with +20 songs and within 3 seconds it imported.

I had the same kind of issue earlier, i’m assuming you’re using the “Copy playlist link” to nightbot’s import playlist?

Basically what i had to do was instead of using the playlist link i had to use the “Copy Spotify URL” One in the list under the playlist link and put that one the in the “Import” URL.
It brings the same playlist and i have no idea why it works that way, since it worked few days ago with the Playlist Link, but hell… Now it seemed to work with the “Copy Spotify URL

(Also the link looks weird as hell so i have no idea why it works with that instead of the usual link. >.>)

Devs changed something for no reason i guess.

See if that works for you.

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THANK YOU so much that did the trick!!!

I have no idea what they changed that’s causing that but… yeah it’s weird
But i guess we’re happy that something works

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