Nightbot App minimize the games

I see other post with the same problem (Nightbot BETA downloadable client tabs out CS:GO when it switches song (AutoDJ)) but the App continue with the problem.

When the App change to the next song, a window is opened during less than one second, this causes the problem.

With the version 0.0.1 of the App I don’t have this problem but I have other problem (the music freezes every 5-10 seconds)
I can’t use windowed mode for the game because this worsens the performance of the game and I don’t use the website because I want skip the song with my keyboard.

I hope this is taken into account and solved in future versions, thanks for your support.

Unfortunately the reply from the other thread is still applicable here, sorry. We have not updated the client since then.

Thanks for your reply, you can’t have this into account for the next version? As I said, I can not play in window mode.

It’s not an issue on our end. As the other reply states, it’s not something we’re doing, but that the wrapping app we use does.

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