Nightbot app: link's will not work

Ok for example when i press “support forum” nothing happens and the same goes with any link within the app. Im assuming this is why i can’t get spotify to work with the app because link’s will not open from nightbot.

Spotify should work through the Nightbot app. Make sure you have followed the instructions at

To use Spotify, simply open Spotify before launching the Nightbot app and then head to the song requests player within the app. Then, open the song requests settings and enable Spotify under the “Providers” setting and optionally set Spotify as the “Search Provider” to let users search for music by name/artist through Spotify. Spotify must remain open in order for music to remain playing.

Volume cannot be changed within the control panel for Spotify, only within Spotify’s player. This is a limitation that cannot be worked around, unfortunately.

As for external links not opening, this is a known bug but it shouldn’t have any effect on the primary functionalities of the app. It will be fixed in the next app release.

yeah i have followed the instuctions and nightbot see’s the requested songs but it will not play anything from spotify.

Please refer to this previous topic with a similar issue: Auto Dj doesn´t work on spotify (Beta)

Yep already tried that. Also i know my FW isn’t blocking it too.

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