Nightbot App isnt creating the File in Documents

I installed the app to display the song playing in my chat but nightbot is not creating file after starting the app, tried starting as admin and also played a song in the app allready nothing worked… :frowning: and my systems language is set to english aswell so yeah…

Try this:
In the address bar of file explorer type:
Then press enter.
In that folder there will (or should) be a file called current_song.txt

Note that the contents of this file are for use in displaying in an OBS text source, not for displaying the current song in chat.

For that, use
!songs current

Hope that helped…

I discovered another thing that might help.
Nightbot puts the file in the directory I mentioned above.
That directory might not be the same as your “Documents” as shown in the “Quick Access” section of the Explorer navigation bar.
In my case, the two “Documents” folders are on different drives, even though their names are the same, and their appearance is the same.

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