Nightbot app background feature

First of all im thanking to NightDev for the best bot in the world.

i’m trying to live stream using windows server 2014 with OBS and Nightbot app. the problem is when i close the window for my virtual machine OBS is running fine but Nightbot stops playing sound. so i therefore request to please add a feature like OBS has to run in background so that i can do 24x7 with my favorite NightDev’s bot. sorry for bad english but please implement background process like OBS :cry::cry:


Unfortunately we generally are not able to provide assistance with specific stream setups like yours. If the application is impeded by running inside of a closed VM there’s nothing we can really do. Our app is basically Google Chrome loading a webpage, and we don’t build and maintain the native code that is likely causing your issues.

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can u please implement background processes like obs so i can use it? obs still run but nightbot does not

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