Nightbot app and Spotify stopt working together

As the title says, a can’t newly play songs from my playlist.


Make sure that you are opening the Spotify app before the Nightbot app. You might also try restarting your PC if problems continue.

I’m also getting the same issue. Since the latest Spotify update the Nightbot app has not been able to play anything from Spotify.

I am opening Spotify before the Nightbot app and the PC has been restarted multiple times since.

I get the error message below when selecting AutoDJ for the first time:

The problem rest the same, since the last spotify update.

Similar to the OP, I’m having the same issue with Nightbot app and Spotify not working together, which were working perfectly fine on a daily basis up until approximately two days ago. As it stands at the moment, there is just no response from Spotify as to the playlist within the Nightbot app, of which also within the app itself the progress bar does not move at all for the player when a Spotify sourced song is selected… If a user requests a song from YouTube and the app is skipped to that song, requests are handled perfectly well, but the communication between the app and Spotify appears to have broken down following I assume a recent update.

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Same as OP and iandlive.
Nightbot Songrequest submenu is noneresponsive in conjunction with spotify.
YouTube works fine.
It’s like that time when “snip” stopped working after a spotify update.
Spotify changed their “output” or something so it wasn’t readable by the program.
Don’t know if it’s relevant, but this here happened after an update.

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Please grab the new app version from, which addresses this issue.

Cheers Night! All working now :smile:

Thanks for the update Night, everything back to normal on my stream, keep up the good work :smiley:

Still doesnt work :frowning:

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Make sure you’re opening Spotify before opening the Nightbot App.