Nightbot API returns empty list of subscribers

I’m in the process of making a custom app using the Nightbot API for loyalty points and other things for a certain Twitch channel. Everything works great so far, except when I want to get the list of subscribers, the API returns an empty array. The channel in question is an affiliate and does have a number of subscribers, so this is very weird.

I’m using this API call to get the list, and I obviously provide it with the access token of the channel in the request header, just like in the example there. This is the exact response I’m getting:


The status is 200, so everything seems fine, except I’m getting an empty list back. As I said earlier, the channel I’m trying to access is an affiliate and does have subscribers, so I don’t quite understand why this is the case.

I know the access token is correct, since every other part of the API works just fine. I can get channel details, list of regulars, you name it. Subscribers? Empty array.

Am I doing anything wrong, or is there something about the API I might be misunderstanding, or what is happening here?

You can get subscribers from Twitch’s API. The Nightbot subscribers is a other system designed to add/remove users through it’s standalone service. Where this is useful is say a Gamewisp intergration where users can be seen as subs through Nightbot by adding their name through Nightbot’s API. Then changing their status in accordance to their membership.

Once again, the Nightbot subscribers API, is a standalone userlist that Nightbot will see as the subscriber userlevel. I hope this answered your question.

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Thanks! I don’t think the documentation made that very clear, but this explains it. I thought I could access the list of Twitch subscribers through the Nightbot API. I’ll have to register my app with Twitch as well then, and use their API for this.
Thanks again!

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