Nightbot answering multiple times to urlfetch

When an announcement is posted by a urlfetch, can I put multiple messages on multiple lines

for example, when you now use


nightbot will say

"And the winner is…"

however when i’d do


which executes

echo "Nightbot says hi.";
echo "And so I do again.;

which gives in chat:

Nightbot says hi.And so I do again.

and I want:

Nightbot says hi.
And so I do again.

Is this possible in any way?

Short answer, no. You’re not able to do multiline output from a custom API or text formatting.

In conjunction with Owyn’s answer Night has responded about multi-line messages here

What you can do is to format a line with underscore like

By this way you will see a bit of more clearly different lines.
However don’t forget that your output is limited.

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