Nightbot and Sub emotes?

I am an affiliate on twitch and was hoping with the new sub gifting that nightbot would be able to post my sub emotes. Now I gifted nightbot a sub and its not working… Is this only a partner thing and I was bamboozled or is there something special I need to do for this privilege?

I feel a little bad, you don’t need to gift nightbot a sub for him to be a subscriber to your channel and have your emotes. You can contact twitch and ask them to give nightbot a free sub (though generally that is done through partner support, i think it should be a thing for affiliates)

If nightbot is subbed (shows the badge and all) then he can use the emotes, at that point it is up to twitch, nightbot is just a normal user.

Thats weird cause the bot is sub but it still just types out the emote… I think I Jebaited and was told it was for affiliates unless you have to contact twitch for this

I just want my lurk emote to come up when someone says they lurk in my channel thats all D;

Issue was that the emote being used was in the $10 tier, issue was sorted out in twitch chat.

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