Nightbot and Spotify issues

So until yesterday my Auto DJ was working flawlessly. Song requests worked like they should, my imported playlist worked like a charm. After a computer restart the auto DJ won’t play from my imported playlist anymore. I have cleared the playlist and reimported, I have switched to the Mostercat playlist (it works fine), I have made sure my spotify is able to be controlled by web still and is logged in properly, etc… PLEASE HELP!

i was also having similar issues earlier, what i did was disable the auto dj, start stream, then add the spotify link to the channel playlist, and then enable it.

hey thanks for the response. I just disable nightbot and took it out of the channel. Disabled auto dj and cleared playlist. I then started my stream, joined with nightbot, imported the spotify playlist again, enabled auto DJ and still nothing. It won’t start playing for some reason. When I click the spotify link for an individual song it will not open either. If I copy and paste the link into my browser to open the spotify web player, however, it does play on my browser just not in nightbot.

Fully close Spotify and fully close our app. Then open Spotify, wait a few minutes, and then open our app. See if it work then. We use an API for Spotify that can be a bit flakey, so it’s important Spotify launches first.

yeh I remembered reading that on the instructions to use spotify. I’ve fully closed everything, restarted my computer again (spotify opens on startup) and then ran nightbot and still having issues. My spotify auto-updated yesterday, could there be issues in the newest spotify build?

I am having the same issue. Spotify auto updated, and now I am no longer able to play songs through Nightbot. I have tried all the restarting step previously discussed with no resolution. It was working last night just fine, and now this issue, and the only change is Spotify updating.

Yeah, it looks like Spotify stopped using its spotilocal domain and swapped to … will need to fix this… and I may end up swapping to their new, official API (but it’s paid spotify users only at that point)

I’m cool with that, I just setup to be a paid user about a week ago anyways to avoid the commercials. About how long do you think it would take to implement this fix?

This is now fixed if you download the latest version at

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I’ve deleted the old version (including the appdata Folder), installed the newest one but still have this issue :frowning:
Do you have another hint how to fix it?

I too am still having the issue with Spotify integration. I have the new version of Nightbot installed, and I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify to no avail. I can add songs to my queue, but it seems there is no interaction with the Spotify app.

Still not working here too. I’ve done the same as @helmutfork.

same here, still not working after doing that :confused:

Same issue with me. Also notice that it’s lagging up my PC big time.

It looks like my fix worked on OSX but not Windows. I cut a new release of the app, 0.1.0, which swaps from node-webkit to electron and fixes this problem too. Among other things this also fixes the outstanding issue of the help docs and support forum links being broken in the sidebar.


Can confirm that this new version corrects the issue on PC. Thanks again Night!

Thanks @night; that’s done the business. It’s working for me now.

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