Nightbot and skipping songs

Hello, I have been helping set up a stream and we finally got the nightbot auto dj to use the channel playlist, and when enables plays off the spotify playlist link we put in. the song request feature also works, and when doing the correct commands shows the current song. and if there is a song queued in the request thing, it will show a next song. if there is no reuqested song it shows no song as next and continues playing the playlist. everythings working good, until we try to skip a song. yes i see where if i send the command it chat it sends it to the broadcasters nightbot autodj to skip it, and in chat it says it does, but it doesnt. now when the broadcaster has her stream up on a twitch page and types it in, it also does not skip the song. for the song to skip she has to manually skip it on the auto dj. i see where people say something about connecting but nowhere does it say exactly what that means or how to fix it, any info on the topic would be awesome

edit: referring to skipping the current song, not skip the next song on the list. because even in twitch chat it says it skipped the current song, yet doesnt

AutoDJ is not meant to be used in this fashion, which is why it does not work. You’re only able to properly skip requested songs in the queue, not songs off the playlist. The playlist only plays as a backfill for when the queue is empty.

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okay thank you so much, i saw wordings of this but none of them really made sense to me at all. this however got it to click. thanks for your time!

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