Nightbot and Discord

Hi, I’m currently a mod at a channel and I want to add a command do Nightbot via the integration in discord, when I type an emote I only write the text, but it gets automatically converted to the emote by discord.

I’ve tried disabling in Discord > Settings > Text & Images > Automatically Convert emoticons. But it doesn’t work.

Also tried :serverEmote: serverEmote but it always displays in twitch chat as <:serverEmote:13215465464>.

Is it possible to add commands from discord with emotes or it has to be done from twitch chat directly ?


Well both Discord and Twitch have different ways of handling emotes. An eval can probably fix this

$(eval '$(provider)' === 'discord' ? '<:EmojiName:ID>' : 'twitchcode' )

Thanks, I saw that in other questions but always had problems: I had to change things, though. I replaced some single quotes like this.

!commands edit !test2 $(eval '$(provider)' === 'discord' ? `<:serverEmote:228584845657052>` : `serverEmote` )

I don’t know if that is supposed to work.

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