NightBot and AutoDJ


First of all, I’m a rooky Twitch user, Mod and NightBot Manager. I Think I have found the answer to my question by reading other posts. I Mod for a friend who does Mobile Live Streaming (Broadcast) from his Cell phone. His Twitch and NightBot dashboards are on his laptop at home. I Mod his stream and Manage his NightBot from my laptop. If I am correct, He has to have the songs on his PC, Is that correct? (Now maybe I don’t have my answer). The playlist, I have populated come from YouTube. But while he is broadcasting, I click play on the player, Nobody hears the song. I have AutoDJ Enabled and NightBot is joined to the channel. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

The broadcaster needs to stream the AutoDJ player for songs to play over the stream. It cannot be controlled externally.

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