Nightbot acting crazy today

So… I’ve installed Nightbot some days ago and so far working fine, until today.
Today no matter how much I increase the cap for spamming (icons, emotes, and caps) it kicks everyone everytime, people can’t cheer me because Nightbot kicks them out anytime they try.

I’ve raised all caps to over 25 and still people who “spam” 3 emotes in the same message get kicked.
What is happening? I’ve had to deactivate Nightbot all together.

Sounds like the use of the repetition filter, if the percentage in the settings is low then many messages, such as emotes or cheers could be detected. I’d recommend disabling it or raising the limit (~70-80%).

Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ve raised all spam filters over 25, including the Repetition filter, and the problem persists. :frowning:

I’ve had to deactivate all spam filters, no matter how high I set them up Nightbot erases and kicks anyone using more than 3 emotes or so…

You definitely misconfigured something. If you provide your channel we can check your settings for you.

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