Nightbot account gone

The account I’m referencing is for channel SilentSentry on Twitch and the SilentSentry Discord server.

We’ve been using Nightbot for over 4 years now on Twitch, and discord since it became available there. We use a combination of different bots now to separate workload.

Approximately a week ago, I noticed SilentSentry’s channel is no longer present in the “Channels you manage” list in the upper right of the dashboard.

I did do a search here prior and found similar posts with responses that basically said paraphrasing: “Yes, we pruned the account”. It seems to be at the staff or owners discretion and obviously not based on channel size or use.

Just trying to understand why after all these years our data is just gone, and if there is a way to get it back. While we do understand it is a free service which we’ve very much appreciated, there has to be a way to ensure reliability.

I thought splitting the work between different bots would help ease the workload of one bot doing it all in a channel this size. That move seemed to have cost us a lot of valuable data from a support staff point of view.

Any help recovering our data would be appreciated. If this is about anything monetary, please let me know in PM here, or feel free to reach out Twitter.

Thank You,

Mark Munson, Head Moderator channel SilentSentry
Jahdoh Twitch
Jahdoh Twitter

We prune accounts from time to time to reduce the size of our database. Nightbot is a free service, so we don’t want to pay extra to store data for channels not being used any longer. Data is not pruned for channels which Nightbot is joined to and active in. Your data can only be pruned if Nightbot isn’t in your Twitch/YouTube chat. We may be able to restore commands from a backup if we still have one, and the channel owner can reach out to to request that.