Night bot not working

I’ve checked everything - nightbot is not blocked , my channel is live and public tried everything but still my nightbot is not working. It was working on the first day but now it is not working. Please help.

If your chat is not too active, Nightbot will leave, because he will see if as offline - on YouTube that is. You have to keep him active, using commands for example… You can also check the " Nightbot Troubleshooting" they have.

Neither is mine, Even completed the trouble shooting guide step a few times. I didn’t have an issue until I switched to the new YouTube streaming dashboard.

Have you tried logging him out and then back in? On YouTube it usually works when we do that.

I have multiple times. Cleared google cache, rebooted stream, rebooted computer, removed as a mod then readded. I didnt have any issues until the Youtube made me switch to the new streaming dashboard.

That’s unfortunate. Maybe you may need to contact YouTube and see if they have anything to say. Or maybe some one else here might be able to help you. It should be working after all those steps;

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