Night bot doing it by self


can anyone tell me if nightbot can do all the messages by itself like ive seen on other streams
i have to put something like ,facebook to get it put the link up
is there a way to do it without wrighting facebook as my subs think im nuts hahahaha

sounds like the timer function in the nightbot
it can auto post the message at a time period you set

like every 10min the night bot will post a facebook fan page link in the chat room

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First setup a custom command HERE with whatever information you would like it to output.
So, under command put something like !facebook under Message put in your facebook link, Userlevel & Cooldown, set to your own preference.
Than goto timers HERE
Put whatever name you want in, and put in the command name you put in earlier, so !facebook in my example under the alias. Than mess around with the chat lines and Intervals as you wish.

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found it now thanks im new to it so i asked a fellow streamer lool

so wen i have my stream goin ,nightbot still isnt puttin messages up ,its all linked up

Someone else having similar issues with timers not showing: [SOLVED] Custom api call within timer

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