Nighbot's AutoDJ changes got it worst...?

Hey there DEV / DEVs. Unferth here.

We’ve used to be able to queue LIVE youtube songs using the command:

Now, I belive the new code might gotten changed, since I was able to queue a LIVE radio show from youtube, for example:

or ( in case the LIVE gets closed by youtube for a few minutes / hours… sometimes they do… )

So I used to be able to !sr YOUTUBE_LIVE_LINK, but now the bot “complains” about it with:
(Moderator) (Verified) Nightbot: @UnferthGaming -> There was an error requesting the song. Error: Video too short (30 sec min)

Adding a LIVE radio from youtube to the song queue was making my life a whole lot easier, cuz I could actually stream a game with background songs and just control the volume when needed, rather than adding a song every 3~5 minutes, or many. Even though we still have the playlist option, could you DEV / DEVs please take a look at the code section of Nightbot’s AutoDJ functionallity and maybe work this out?

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I’d like to leave three* ideias:

  • remove the " too short " warning, it wasn’t there before I think?
  • or make a new button on the ( Song Request ) section: [AutoDJ] [Playlist] -->[LIVE Radios]
    and get the " too short " warning removed from that one only?
  • the best idea would be to let users define their own minimum / maximum song times ( probably… )

Thanks in advance,
Just another user that really loves Nightbot (but is very sad with this last ninja patch… if there even was one),

Song Request allows for users to request songs which will play overtime. This can’t happen over a radio livestream, you should just disable AutoDJ when you want to use this livestream instead.

It used to work, and now it doesn’t anymore. That’s what I’m saying.

LIVE videos are not of a set length between (:30 - 10:00) and thus isn’t a song that would fit the song request format. If you wish to use LIVE videos then you shouldn’t be using AudioDJ to control them.

But it used to work. 2 days ago. That’s what I’m saying. It used to work. As in before. 2 days ago.

Correct, a song minimum time was added to stop quick short song abuse, as a majority of songs are > 30 seconds.

I see. Thank you for your insight. Now I get it. People never abused it on my chat thou, but I do understand your point of view and it’s justified.

I’ll still repost the last idea:

  • the best idea would be to let users define their own minimum / maximum song times ( probably… )

Thanks in advance, once again,
Unferth <3

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