Nighbot "Top Chatters Since..." reading same viewers on mobile as separate viewer

I’ll grant you that this complaint is a bit silly, but it’s been making us a bit crazy.

When you view on mobile Twitch doesn’t appear to include the capitalization in how your name appears in chat. Because of that Nightbot seems to think that you’re two different viewers, rather than the same viewer on mobile vs on a browser.

Is this intentional? Is there a way to get the two combined in the “Top Chatters Since…” list, since it’s the same viewer just at a different location?

Thank you for your time,
Rook (or maybe it’s rook :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you changed the casing of your name on Twitch recently, then that’s why it shows up in this way. We calculate stats by display name in chat. When you change your display name, our old logs are not updated with the change.

I don’t think that’s it. I haven’t change the casing on my name in over a year.

It’s a silly problem, again I get that, but it skews the stats and is happening for several viewers I know who watch alternately on browser and mobile, both. My assumption was that it was happening there. Not being an expert I could easily be wrong.

On one stream in particular 14 of the top 25 chatter spots are duplicates. That is to say, 7 people are showing up as 14 people, where one version has the casing and the other does not.

Then perhaps there is another reason why chat is duplicating in the logs. Please post your Twitch username and I will investigate this later today.

The username I’m seeing this activity on is the stream for ABookCase. (I’m a manager on her Nightbot. My user name is GreyRookTV.)

Thank you!

This should be resolved at this time.

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Can confirm! Thank you!

I appreciate your time.

So was that difficult to fix last time? I’m noticing that it’s creeping back in already with a few of the users, but I’m not clear why?

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Then you should just ignore it. It’s a stat storage issue that isn’t high priority enough to address at the moment. It will eventually be fixed.

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