Nighbot DJ Not Working in Mozilla Firefox

Starting yesterday, Nightbot Auto DJ will not play songs. After pressing the Play or Skip buttons or refreshing the page, nothing happens. I am using a Channel Playlist with SoundCloud as the only provider.

I am using the Mozilla Firefox browser, but found Nightbot Auto DJ to be working in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge today. It appears to only be affecting the Mozilla Firefox browser, my main browser. I do not have Ad-Block.

Any ideas as to what can be causing this issue?

We have not pushed any updates in the past few days, so it’s probably something local to your client, like Adblock/NoScript. I tested on Firefox latest and could not reproduce any issues.

Thank you for responding!

Can you explain further? Unfortunately, I’m not very tech-savvy…

As stated, I am not running an Ad-Blocker, and just to be safe, I started Firefox in Safe Mode. Nightbot Auto DJ is still not operating for me in Firefox Safe Mode.

Do you know what else I could attempt?

You can try seeing if there are any obvious errors in the JavaScript console, but unfortunately if we are unable to reproduce an issue there’s very little we can do.

I had the same problem. It solves when I install Adobe Flash Player. If you have Win10, built-in Flash doesn’t count.

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