Nighbot AutoDJ Pausing/Repeating

For a while now, Nighbot AutoDJ hasn’t been working correctly.

Several times the music player will stop at the end of a song and won’t move on to the next song on the playlist. In the lower corner of the screen, it will read, “Waiting for…” This happens when there are song requests in the queue and when there are no song requests queued up.

If the skip button or play button is pressed, the player will repeat the previous song and skip the next song on the playlist that was never played.

The only fix I have found thus far, is to refresh the page which will result in the player replaying the previous song, then immediately pressing the skip button to continue to the next song.

I have disabled ad-blocks and add-ons for Nightbot’s website and the problem still persists. I am using Mozilla Firefox with a 100% SoundCloud playlist played through my Internet Browser into OBS. What could the issue be?

I am live now until 3:00am Central Time on if you’d like to recreate the problem or see it in action.

You should check the Javascript console and see if there are any errors, but I’d guess and say it’s just the Soundcloud player getting into a stuck state. Typically if it’s waiting then it’s a service issue with Soundcloud, not an issue with us. You can disable Soundcloud as a provider if it’s causing that many issues.

checking at the Soundcloud development blog, they have recently added a “suggested” feature. IT seems that the soundcloud player is now defaulting to pause for 2 minutes or so while showing you other artists to listen to based on your current track instead of moving to the next song.

how a mixed playlist will work:
1: YouTube song plays normally.
2: soundclound song 1 plays through.
3: AutoDJ announces song change to soundcloud 2, but soundcloud does not register this change, and instead sits on “recommended” for X amount of time
4: after amount of time, soundcloud will play next song, or, if song is skipped, will a) continue to hang (if skipped to Soundcloud song on playlist) or b: play youtube video- which may overlap with soundcloud song from before which will play simultaneously)

From what i can tell, Dev’s will have to see what changed with the soundcloud integration, and users will not be able to use soundcloud until NightDev fixes it.

video 1
video 2

PS: for the record, all java and flash plugins, players, etc. are up to date, and I have ensured they are allowed unrestricted access on both incoming and outgoing traffic. Antivirus has nightbot added as an exception to allow pretty much anything it could want to do (with a windows backup ahead of time, just in case, of course :wink: ) therefore i’m 90% sure it is not an end-user issue and has something instead to do with the soundcloud integration itself.

Perhaps SoundClound is A/B testing something, but we’re not seeing the same issues. Unfortunately we can only fix problems we can reproduce. Since we cannot reproduce this bug it’s near impossible to fix unless there’s an actual logged error message in the console.

I am live now for another 17.5 hours on if you’d like to recreate the problem or see it in action.

Let me know if you stop by because I haven’t been using DJ AutoPlay in tonight’s stream because of the problems.

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