Nice looking responses?

So just a bit of quick background I’m currently doing a playthrough of terraria with special rules, considering that I don’t play terraria consistently I saw it unfit to dedicate a panel underneath my stream to the rules and instead made it a nightbot command.

The issue is that whenever I use said command (which is !terraria by the way), no matter how many times I try to reformat it nightbot always returns this ugly, hard to read block of text rather than the neatly formatted list I had actually given it.

Is there a way to force nightbot to return a neat list in the chat when I call on the command at all?

No, twitch chat is an irc with no options to allow messages to be formatted, nightbot has zero control over this fact. Some people get around this by using spaces, periods, or other things to fill the space to make the command how they want it to be. But if you want a formatted list a message in the chat won’t work for you. One thing you could do, though, is use a site like and have all the rules and such in there and have nightbot link to it, but that has the issue of being an extra step between the user and the rules.

Sadly, this is just how twitch made their chat work, nothing nightbot can really do.

Ahh that’s a shame.

I guess I’ll make some pastebins then.

The only other method I was looking into was making nightbot run several commands in sequence to force a list that way but considering the success I’ve been having I doubt I can get it without a custom api at all.

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