Next Song plays 1 sec, then skips to a new song

I’m running nightbot in my channel and if I do a !sr it plays fine, but if another song is in the queue, the song plays about 1 second, then Spotify moves on to another song.

I put a song in queue, it played just fine, then added a second song while the first was playing. It then played 1 second and failed to continue. I can play the song in Spotify on my PC just fine, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work that I can see.

I’m trying to add a few songs to the queue to see if it still continues and so far, it seems like it does. I can’t get queued songs to play more than 1 second before it skips to the next.

I think I fixed it… Spotify has a setting where it will automatically play a song based on your playlist, if you leave it turned on it will perform the actions I described. I turned it off and now my song requests seem to be working properly.

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