New to NIghtbot: Struggle adding commands

I’ve spent some time searching the forums and can’t find a solution to my problem.

I click on the add command button under commands in the dashboard. The window opens and I can’t make any adjustments or edits. The blinking cursor automatically moves in front of the example words and it won’t let me delete anything.

For example, the default title is “youtube” and the cursor goes before the word “|youtube” and it won’t let me delete the word. I tried to submit the command anyways but it says “Path message is required”

I can add commands through chat, but I would really like to do this in the dashboard.

Any advice is greatly appreciated it.

I can adjust the user level and the cooldown, but nothing else

What browser are you using? Have you tried removing any extensions that might mess with a page’s content? Such as adblockers or any other extensions that might mess with text areas.

I can tell you that as of writing this on firefox 62 it’s working fine for me.

I’m an idiot…the text field is empty. I just had to type something and the grey words go away. Wow. I need more coffee. Thanks for the response, all is well, just user error.

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