New Staking top Lists

Hey guys first off want to say AMAZING job on the new update loving it!

However there are a few issues with the top-list-stacking and top stacking trackers it seems.

I’ve been using stream tip pretty much since I started taking donations and my tip page shows one of my top doners at 2553 if you manually add all the tips in the dashboard, yet the top-list-stacking file shows him at 550.00

Oddly enough if you pull Top single donations of all time list you’ll see that same user shows as 606.00 which is his top single donation, but its odd that it tracks that there, but its not summed in his top list stacking. I originally thought that maybe the stacking was just from the time you changed formats on streamtip from last year, but it doesnt make sense that it pulls his top donation of all time but doesnt add it into the stacking list.

If you need any information from me to assist in debugging this please let me know!

Once these few kinks are worked out your program is going to simply be amazing.

Cant thank you enough for maintaining and updating it!

The leaderboard and the app both use the same API (and the all-time top list with stacking uses the same data in the app as the all-time tip with stacking), so make sure you’re selecting the all-time top-list-stacking file, and not mistakenly some other stacking file.

Alltime folder top-list stacking show a donor Gasbag at 550.
Alltime folder top-list shows a donor gasbag at 606.

If his largest donation was 606 his stacking donation shouldnt be less.

His total donations since 2013 are over 2000.

This is the only result I’ve tabulated as I knew it was off immediately.

I’ve double checked the folder and its definitely all-time the issue just seems to be in the tabulation

I’m not sure if you have access to my data but you can easily tabulate it and see somethings not right.

Please let me know if I can provide any information to assist.

Tip stacking is something that is not 100% accurate for our older users. Tip stacking only combines tips associated with a user ID, not by the username entered on the tipping page.

Before Streamtip started enforcing authentication when sending a tip, we had no way to verify who was sending the tip. For transactions before this was implemented, all we know is the supposed username of the person who sent the tip. If you can’t verify that a person is who they say they are, then you can’t really sum up their contributions unknowingly.

There is no way to verify the sender of old transactions prior to around August/Sept, 2014. Because of this, transactions that predate Streamtip are not able to be counted towards stacking.

If you had kept a manual total of this person (Gasbag), that may be accurate if and only if they are the person who did indeed send all of those transactions. While a human can sift through these transactions one-by-one and detect the subtle differences in typed usernames and compare IP addresses and PayPal email addresses of the senders, doing this in real-time for transactions is something we do not have the costly computational resources for.

When we set out to complete this highly suggested feature, the only viable solution was to combine solely on verified transactions from a specific user ID.

As already stated, the tipping page leaderboard, which if you’re confused can be found in the tipping page settings of your account area, and the Streamtip Alerter app utilize this same leaderboard API to provide you with these totals.

Any total shown to you on the Received Tips page when searching is a sum of your searched transactions, not this leaderboard API. As such, the sum of your searched transactions is not a guarantee that every transaction is from this same user (as someone else could have tipped with the name you searched for). Additionally, performing a search on a single user is far less computation required than the aggregation required to provide a list of stacked tips by user ID.

TL;DR: Tip stacking only works for transactions with a specific user ID attached. Transactions pre-Streamtip are not counted. Because of performance reasons, this is the only type of accurate stacking we can provide.

Gotcha I thought it was something like.

Appreciate the clarification =)

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